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Crossdressing Services

Time to get GLAMOROUS!

I only offer the highest quality Crossdressing services. Take a look at our service menu below to see the wide range of treatments and special options we offer.

Services: Services

Full Experience - Ladies Night!


The Full Experience is a 6 – 8 hour crossdresser makeover that includes: consultation, professional makeup, wardrobe, wigs, jewelry, props and photos. We will also do a photoshoot in up to 3 different outfits, some selects can feature Yoya Fabulosa.

After you're dressed up, we can go out for the evening. Dinner, drinks, shopping, whatever you want to do, we'll do it as ladies. :)

The price range is dependent on what we do when we go out.


The New Girl


The "New Girl" experience is a 4 hour crossdresser makeover that includes: consultation, professional makeup, wardrobe, wigs, jewelry and props. During an average photoshoot more than 50 hi-res photos are taken. We will send the photos to you within a week of service!

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Makeup Lesson

$150 the first hour; $75 every hour

 We'll teach you how to apply your makeup and address any concerns you have around crossdressing. Quick note, the makeup lessons are conducted by a professional makeup artist!

You can book directly using this email address:


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Personal Shopping!

$250 (first 2 hours) ($100 per every hour after)

Interested in Crossdressing on your own but don't know where to start? This package is for those of you who need a helping hand purchasing all the essential items for your journey!

This service is in-person.

Crossdressing Date

Online Consultation


One 20 to 30 minute online session where we go over all your crossdressing needs, questions, concerns and find ways for you to perfect the craft and unlock your inner diva.

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To have Yoya Fabulosa during the service


Choose my outfit (wig, hair, shoes)

From $50

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Services: Services
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